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The Amerian Hotel

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The Amerian Hotel - Pool
The Amerian Hotel - Pool

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Located right at the end of the town of Puerto Iguazu, the Amerian Hotel is probably our last pick of the hotels in the area. In our view, this is a classic example of a developer trying to put together a hotel rather than a hotelier. The reason we say this is that, on paper, the hotel ticks all of the boxes, impressive atrium hall that spans 4 floors, contemporary lobby, good swimming pool, spacious rooms….but there has been no real attention to the client experience.

One of the original structures in the town of Puerto Iguazu, the Amerian has undergone a facelift in the last few years and, as such, the developer may have had his hands tied to a certain respect…but there are a few fundamentals that the hotel falls down on that we feel need remarking.

The first of these is the central atrium. This vast area is truly impressive and certainly provides a wow factor as you initially enter the building…but it is also, in effect, a huge cave and, as such, there is a sound enhancing factor to it where, even on the second or third floors, it is possible to clearly hear those people who are dining in the restaurant on the lower ground floor.

The second point worth noting is that, where the rooms are a good size, they too have a fairly cavernous feel to them and so they lack character or a feeling of warmth at all. This is much the same as the Xelena Hotel in El Calafate, which was also developed, but never really made the use of its assets. The Amerian, fortunately, does make good use of the views that it has out to the Parana River. It also has good facilities with a great pool and spa area that go some way to saving it, but it is still not our first choice.

Good views out to the river, good facilities

General interior noise, soulless rooms, location

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