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The area surrounding the capital are a bread basket for the country...

The lush and fertile flatlands that surround Buenos Aires are known as “the Pampas” and are have played an important role in why Argentina has become the prosperous and diverse country and culture that it is today. Part of the reason for this is the vast swathes of long, succulent grasses and open skies that make the perfect grazing territory for cattle and other livestock. The other part is for the types of people that this type of work attracts.

Next to Patagonia, the Argentine Pampas is one of the largest open grasslands areas of Argentina and is, without a doubt, why Argentina has been able to survive throughout the years. With fertile soil and rich grasses, the Pampas area has consistently provided for the rest of the country and, even with cattle prices falling, it still contributes highly to the Argentina national income.

For the visitor, however, the Argentine Pampas area is probably more interesting for a glimpse into the history of Argentina…for this is where the infamous “Gaucho” is from. This hardy and nomadic farm hand is, it is thought, to be a descendant of the gypsies of Europe, for information on this sadly dying tradition please see the link at the end.

Today, as the emphasis on the Gaucho wains, the Argentine Pampas has certainly become less wealthy than it was in its heyday, but it still provides a welcome addition to any itinerary for a pleasant day out in the sun, sipping on wine and tucking into an Argentinean Parilla.

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