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Argentina Honeymoon - Perito Moreno Glacier
Argentina Honeymoon - Caiman
Argentina Honeymoon - La Boca, BA

Why travel to Argentina for a honeymoon? The answers are very numerous. In the 8th largest country in the world there are so many contrasts, and such a range of choices that it will fit any honeymoon itinerary. On top of this, Argentina features some of the most beautiful and romantic hotels to be found anywhere in the world. Mix all of this together and an Argentina honeymoon is certain to tick all of the boxes for both partners. As Argentina experts ourselves and having been tailoring stunning Argentina honeymoons for many, many years, we are perfectly placed to help you put together your trip of a lifetime.

In this section we have tried to pare things down to their simplest, and these are the sorts of questions that we ask our Argentina honeymoon clients to have a think about before they come in and see us:


In a country as vast as Argentina it can be really important to think about how many places you would like to visit in the time period you have. With costs for internal flights being high (due to the distances), and the schedules sporadic, this is a very important consideration.

On the whole, for a 2 week safari, we would recommend that you consider spending your time between 3 or possibly 4 places. Please have a look at our itineraries and where to go sections for a few ideas.


Another important factor in your Argentina honeymoon is who would like to do what. With so many activities on offer we would suggest selecting a few interests rather than trying to cover everything…but there are a few places that will allow much without the need to travel.

Again, we have tried to give you a bit of a taste of what is available to you in our what to do section.


Certain regions of Argentina have very seasonal periods that you can visit and, as such, you need to make sure you are in the right area at the right time, for example, the Tierra del Fuego can become impassable in the winter seasons except for the superb skiing.

Generally speaking, as Argentina is in the southern hemisphere, you can pretty much rely on the months of December, January and February being good weather throughout the country but it is also worth bearing in mind that the winds and rainfall can also affect where and what you can get up to. Please have a look at our when to go section for more about the times of year to go.


Of course, for any Argentina honeymoon, this is probably the most important factor and includes all of the above points. There are some truly wonderful hotels that Argentina has on offer that don’t cost the earth and so, with some simple planning, you need not spend a fortune and can still have an outstanding honeymoon.

With this in mind we recently we started to work with a specialist honeymoon list company called "Buy Our Honeymoon".

Unlike many of the honeymoon list companies out there, they work on a single payment process where you pay a one off set of fee of around £30 (discounted for our clients), you can have your own Paypal account for your guests to pay directly in to, and you will also have a fully functioning web page that guests can go to and see your itinerary along with buying any of the options through the site.

For further information on this please ask your consultant for details.

With the above details in mind, we would then suggest that we have a chat with you about what it is you are looking for out of your Argentina honeymoon. Are you looking for the wildlife of the Peninsula Valdes? Are you wanting to sip Malbec wines and cycle through the vines of Mendoza? Do you want to simply have your breakfast overlooking the largest waterfall on the planet, Iguazu?

Having personally visited over 150 of the top hotels in Argentina, we are perfectly placed to help you with your decisions. We have spent years eating the food, speaking to the staff, heading out on the activities and sending clients (it all sounds like a brutal job…but we have done it for you!). We believe that, even if you are in the most stunning place on earth, any Argentina honeymoon can be spoilt by bad service or a lumpy mattress…the accommodation is the key!

With this in mind, we have put together a few further reading links for you to get started on; our favourite honeymoon hotels, the range of activities Argentina has, when to travel and a few of our favouite Argentina honeymoon itineraries.

If you are simply looking for a little inspiration then visit the Honeymoons Blog for all the latest travel advice, honeymoon trends, and must-visit destinations.

If you feel like this is too much like hard work, however, then simply give us a call at any time or send an email…it is why we are here!

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