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Spanning from the tropics to Antarctica, there is a vast range of different wilderness areas and animals...

Iguazu Falls
El Chalten
El Calafate

For most, the nature and wildlife of Argentina are the real reason to come here. The sheer scale puts most in awe, and the diversity of topography and wildlife allows you to take in all sorts without ever having to leave the same country, quite often in the space of a few hours of driving. Due to the sheer vastness, however, it is worth choosing wisely as to what wildlife it is that interests you.

Argentina measures in at around 3,000 kms from north to south and, should you want to try and take it all in, you are going to need to travel a lot of distance by road or take a few internal flights.

As a starting point, it is also worth bearing in mind that Argentina is a country unlike anywhere else in the world. It features such marvels as the Iguazu Falls in the very north, salt pans to the west, the indomitable Andes range all along its western border, icebergs and glaciers, whales and elephant seals, and plenty of flat grassland that stretches for as far as the eye can see. With this range and variation, we defy anyone not to find something in Argentina to whet their whistle!

Many of the areas can be combined simply enough, with the lakes and mountains around Bariloche combining well with the vineyards of Mendoza or the ice fields of El Calafate. For those keen on outdoors pursuits then there are activities such as rafting and diving, skiing and hiking on offer all across Argentina. This diversity of activities reflects the Argentine love for their natural surroundings.

To try and give you a bit of a better idea as to what wildlife you are after or you prefer please have a look at a few introductory words to each of the main areas of Argentina. For more information on the wildlife itself and a selection of the parks and reserves that Argentina has then please also follow the links below…

Best regions for Nature and Wildlife in Argentina: