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Financial protection

As a fully bonded Tour Operator, you can rest assured that your money is safe.

The Travel Specialists Ltd, the company behind the The Argentina Specialists are a fully bonded tour operator with ATOL which is a government backed scheme to protect passengers in the event that we should no longer be able to provide the services as agreed.

The ATOL Bond

To briefly explain the ATOL bond and what it covers and doesn't cover...basically, in the process of applying for the bond and setting up as a tour operator, any company has to make an application to the Civil Aviation Authority. They then take into account the amount of time worked in the industry, whether you already have good contacts on the ground and a good understanding of the industry etc. At the end of a rigorous verification process, only then is a bond application approved. At which point, the bond must then be produced.

The ATOL bond is a type of insurance policy that ensures that, if the company goes under, your entire trip is covered and, as such, you will still be able to travel, or cancel and have a full refund. For further information on this please go to the CAA web site on the below link:


ATOL Certificate

As of October 2012 it has also become a requirement for bonded tour operators to issue an ATOL certificate for every booking that is covered by the scheme. This can be issued as an electronic document and states what is covered by the scheme...if you are not issued with the certificate you are not covered!!

If you have any further questions then please feel free to ask your consultant for more information or an explanation. SEE VIDEO FOR MORE >>

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