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With the Esteros being one of the largest wetlands there are plenty of opportunities

Similar to the vegetation section of Argentina, as this is such as vast place, it is fairly difficult to generalize as far as the birding is concerned, but, to give some sort of idea, we have put together a few indicators below for some of the better-known species, and where they can be found in Argentina on the whole. For a full listing of the thousand or so species that can be found please follow the link below…


One of the more famous birds in Argentina, originally noted by Darwin during his travels for its resemblance to the ostrich from Africa, the Rhea is a smaller version although very similar in both movement and behavior. The Rhea is flightless and lives predominantly in the flat Patagonian steppe. Best viewing to be found around the Peninsular Valdez.


One of the many scavenging species to be found across South America, the Caracaras can be found almost anywhere in Argentina and, more often than not, will be accompanied by the black chested buzzard eagle on the sides of roads where they wait for a car to kill some prey for them. Again, the best viewing is to be found in the open areas of Argentina such as Patagonia or up around the Esteros del Ibera.


Definitely the most iconic of all the South American species, the condor is actually a type of vulture and, as such, is usually found where carrion is to be found. With a wingspan of up to 10 feet, these birds are often found in canyon areas or high mountains where there is less need to take off as such and they can ride the daytime updrafts while hunting for their next meal. The best region in Argentina for seeing these mighty birds is in the region around El Calafate and El Chalten.


Strangely enough, it is not uncommon while driving through the northwest of Argentina to come across flamingos. Generally they are either the Andean or the James’s flamingo that are a subspecies of the genus.

Frigate birds

Found all along the Argentine coastline, this iconic sea bird can often be seen hovering in the winds that blow in off the Atlantic. Our preferred place to head to for sea birds is either the Valdez Peninsular or to the Reserva Natural Ria Deseado.


Can also be found all along the Atlantic coastline of Argentina with certain breeding grounds being protected these days. The most famous species to be found are the Magellenic, the Macaroni, the Rockhopper and the Chinstrap. We recommend heading to either the Valdez Peninsular or the Tierra del Fuego for the best encounters.

Parrots, Macaws and Toucans

This group of tropical birds are well worth spotting and can be found all across the very northern province of Misiones in Argentina. With their range of colours and social groupings it is always a joy to behold any of these birds.

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