Country Combinations

South American Country Combinations

A few ideas on where to combine while in South America

With travel times to South America from both Europe and North America being so high (with the exception of Colombia, which is only a short hop from Miami) we have found that many of our clients have tried to combine a few countries within the same trip in order to make the most of their time. Below we have taken a brief look at a few of the most popular combinations as well the opportunity to read a bit more on each.

Argentina and Chile

Certainly one of the most paired South American countries, in our experience, combining these two neighbouring countries is both easy to do (through access points such as El Calafate/Torres del Paine in Patagonia, Bariloche/Puerto Varas in the Lake District, and Mendoza/Santiago in the winelands) and offers a lot of variation. One of the main benefits of heading to Argentina and then Chile and either heading back to Buenos Aires or on to Santiago for the international return flight is that it is possible to then take in some of the continent's most well known destinations such as Buenos Aires, the Perito Moreno Glacier at El Calafate, the Torres del Paine National Park, the winelands of Mendoza, the arid desert of the Atacama and the quirky city of Valparaiso, without needing to spend to heavily.

Argentina and Brazil

A close second to the combination of Argentina and Chile, combining Brazil with Argentina could not be easier should you be visiting the famous Iguazu Falls. From here, you need only cross the border by land to continue on with your itinerary. Where Argentina has plenty of active destinations, due to its longitudinal coverage, the temperature ranges are fairly vast and it particularly struggles in its access to good beaches. Of course, Brazil has plenty more to offer than just beaches but its proximity to Argentina and its vast coastline often comes in handy.




Argentina, Chile and Antarctica

Famously both of the "southern cone" countries of Chile and Argentina have long been known as the starting points to the world's most southerly continent. Often clients who depart on one of these long cruises to the earth's driest and coldest continent will also look to view a few of the main sites in either Argentina or Chile on the way through.

Chile and Peru

While the flight routing between the two countries is not as simple as it once was (there used to be a flight from Lima straight to the Atacama Desert) the fact that LAN own airlines in both countries has meant that combining the famous ruins of Machu Picchu with the arid desert scapes of the Atacama region are now more and more frequent on clients' itineraries.

Argentina, Brazil and Peru

One of the less obvious combinations within South America, it is now exceptionally easy to combine Southern Brazil or Northern Argentina and Peru due to a direct flight routing between Foz do Iguaçu and Lima. This is ideal for those wanting to tick off two of South America's biggest attractions, Machu Picchu and the Iguazu Falls.

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Officially the longest country in the world (due to Antarctica being included in its borders), Chile has many similarities with neighbouring Argentina…and also many differences. Taking in such infamous areas as the Torres del Paine National Park, the Atacama Desert, Easter Island and the exciting city of Santiago, Chile can really complement any itinerary. On the whole a visit to Chile is seen as territory for those that are looking to be a little more hands on and get out amongst the nature. Read more...


Where to start with a country this vast and this diverse…? One of the best features about Brazil, along with its wide range of natural delights such as the Iguaçú Falls, the Pantanal and the Amazon, is its feast of outstanding beaches. While it involves more travel time to get to and from different areas, the beaches all along the eastern coastline are the main reason that many visitors to Argentina and Chile head on to Brazil. Read more...


Situated right on the north eastern border of the country, Uruguay is a very simple place to visit from Argentina and has a long tradition of being a holiday destination for many of the “Porteños” from Buenos Aires. The old town of Colonia is a mere ferry ride away from the capital and so is often included by those that are spending a few nights here, exploring the area. For those that are after a little beach time then the famous town of Punta del Este is certainly worth considering.

Please let your consultant know if you would like further information on Uruguay.


Arguably one of the busiest and most frequented countries in South America, Argentina is a country that is truly blessed with the amount of diversity in culture, nature and destinations that it offers. From the mountain ranges of the Andes that border the winelands of Mendoza to the ice flows of El Calafate and the thundering waters of Iguazú, there is usually something to please most. This being said, however, for many that visit here, finding a beach for some time to relax after a trip can often be a priority that can't be compromised and, as such, we often combine Argentina with the beaches around Rio, in Brazil. Read more...


One of the last true wildernesses on the planet, Antarctica has recently become a must see destination for many who are considering a trip of a lifetime. With the minimum itinerary length at around 5 nights, plus a night at the start and at the end in either Punta Arenas, Chile, or Ushuaia in Argentina, this is often a good chance to see some more of either of these interesting countries while on the way there or back. Read more...


Once holding the crown as South America's most visited country, Peru still has many of the draws that people relate to South America...the awe inspiring citadel at Machu Picchu, the cultural experience of wandering through the Inca ruins of the Sacred Valley, the wilderness experience in the Peruvian Amazon or even the trekking and walking of the Cordillera Blanca.

With its location between Ecuador and Chile it is then just a short flight to get to either the Galapagos Islands to the north or down to geographically diverse Chile. Read more...


The last on our list is the infamous country of Colombia. The recent clamping down and subsequent eviction of many of the famous drug lords that once ruled the non-developed regions of the country, has meant that Colombia is definitely a country on the move once more. Featuring stunning Amazon rainforest to the East, verdant coffee growing plantations to the West, stunning, rugged coastlines to the north and, the jewel in the crown, the unique town of Cartagena on the Caribbean coastline, there is plenty to write home about.

Colombia now also boasts one of the best airlines on the continent and so, for those that are wanting to head down to Peru or on to Brazil, it is still simply achieved. Read more...