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Patios de Lerma

Intimate hotel on the outskirts of the city

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Located right in the north of the city, next to the train to the clouds station, the Patios de Lerma provides simple accommodation with good facilities and service. While the rooms themselves face inwards and not out, thus not giving any views as such, there is a quiet and clean atmosphere to the hotel with the rooftop garden being a real highlight and more than making up for the lack of views below.

The hotel is a new addition to the accommodation in the Salta area and it is clear that they had a plan of sorts in mind when they constructed it. More often than not, visitors to the city will come and stay for a couple of nights and then head out of town to explore…this is exactly what the Patios de Lerma is ideally suited to.

The interior has been cleverly designed with local stone being combined with glass to create a well of light that is central to the layout. As you climb up the building to the roof, you are then greeted with a stunning panoramic view out across the entire city and to the mountains in the distance…with a couple of Jacuzzis up here, this is a great place to spend an afternoon relaxing in the sun.

The rooms, similarly, have been well designed and managed to pack a raft of features into what can be quite a small space.

All in all this is a great little option for those looking for a contemporary feel and a well managed and comfortable hotel.

Superb rooftop terrace, facilities, service, located next to the train station

A bit of a walk from the main square

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