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Hotel Killa

A quirky guesthouse in the centre of town

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Hotel Killa
Hotel Killa

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Rated by themselves as more of a B&B than a hotel, the Hotel Killa is both quirky and unique, located right in the heart of town, is a great choice. What we like most about the place is that each of the rooms has evolved into what it is today and through the use of local artisans for the furniture and decoration there is no chance that you will ever stay in somewhere like it again.

Walking through to the back of the hotel it is possible to get an initial insight into how this small property has come to be as, where the building was once only a first and second floor, it has now grown upwards to the sky. This makes a few of the rooms not necessarily suitable for those who don’t enjoy heights, but it also gives the property a feeling of a tree house of sorts and reflects some of the enthusiasm and humour of the owners.

The rooms and main area are all well maintained and, as mentioned, the emphasis has been on trying to give each area a personality of its own with wood being the material of choice.

As you rise higher in the property the views just get better and better with the San Isidro mountains on one side and the Calchaqui valley on the other.

This is by no means a top end property, but it does have a certain charm and, while being right in the centre of town, it is a relative oasis with a good pool and lounging area.

Quirky design, great service, location

Not for everyone

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