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The Sheraton Hotel

A couple of blocks from the main Plaza, the Sheraton is casino hotel offering international standards

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The Sheraton Hotel - Restaurant
The Sheraton Hotel - Restaurant

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Located around a 3 block walk away from the Plaza Independencia, the Sheraton Hotel Mendoza is well located for a city stay as it is possible to see what Mendoza the city has to offer within walking distance. The hotel itself is the usual large hotel fare with a grand lobby and dining area off it. The rooms, again, are pretty simple in style and some have good views out over the surrounding city…but are, on the whole, unremarkable.

One of a few Casino hotels in the city, the Sheraton is the newest and probably the most extravagant of them. As you walk into the main entrance, you are greeted with a large, cavernous atrium with the lounge bar on the next level, on the left and the reception to the right.

We generally find that this sort of hotel does not offer the sort of service that is accorded by some of the smaller, more boutique hotels due to both its size and the fact that it has plenty of gamblers wandering through rather than just guests…but this is not necessarily a bad thing.

There is no doubt that the hotel has been built to high standards and the Casino is very popular with both locals and tourists alike. The rooms are pretty standard to be honest, but the one thing that helps this hotel to stand out is that it offers both free parking and is well located near to the main attractions of the city.

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