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Correntoso Lake and River Hotel

Located on the smallest river in the world, this great property is well worth a visit

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Correntoso Lake and River Hotel
Correntoso Lake and River Hotel

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The Correntoso Lake and River Hotel is located right on the shores of the Nahuel Huapi Lake and offers a tranquil haven to rest and revitalise. Having been here for around 70 years, the hotel has a familiar feel to it, combining Beech and Lenga woods and plush leather and fabrics. The rooms have been recently refurbished and most offer outstanding views out to the beautiful lake beyond. Great food and excellent facilities…one of our favourites.

Set on the shortest river in the world, the Correntoso Hotel has a very Alpine feel to it with Beech and Lenga wood used throughout, giving it a warm and inviting feel.

The building itself has been here for around 70 years and so, each of the rooms has a different feel to it, but, most importantly, has direct views out to the Nahuel Huapi Lake beyond. The hotel is fairly large at around 50 rooms, and has all of the facilities of an international hotel such as indoor/outdoor pool, sauna, spa and, most importantly, views. On top of this, the Correntoso is also one of the only hotels that has a restaurant that sits right on the water’s edge which, in the summer time, laps right on the decking.

On the whole we really like this hotel with the views being utterly jaw dropping. On top of this, the service, food and rooms are outstanding and offer a high level of luxury while not taking away from the surrounding beauty. If there is one point that we would bring up it is that, somehow, even with its unique past and privileged position down by the water’s edge (this is the only hotel in the region that has been able to build right on the water due to its historical legacy), it lacks a certain feel. But this is a minor point and we highly recommend a stay!

Great views, superb restaurant/service, facilities

Need to drive to get here

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