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Fly fishing: Tierra del Fuego

A Mecca for fishermen from around the world, this is a place to put firmly on the list

Tierra del Fuego - Fishing
Tierra del Fuego - Fishing

Another of the world’s top fishing locations, the Rio Grande in the very south of Argentina is a renowned haunt for those that are keen on their fishing and looking for the best there is. To head to this area of Argentina is to rub shoulders with some of the wealthiest in the world and it is, accordingly, not cheap….but the fishing is like nowhere else and the fish, due to their Atlantic forays, some of the largest anywhere.

The first indication that this area of Argentina is fishing mad is the large statue of a sea trout that adorns the entrance to the principal town, Rio Grande. While this small town is nothing really to look at, to the north and the south are some of the most exclusive and incredible fishing destinations on the planet.

This is an area for sea trout. This is a relatively rare occurrence where the trout head out to the open sea to hunt and feed occasionally. This makes them much larger and stronger than normal trout and so much more of a battle for a fisherman.

As with many of the lodges featured up in the Lake District area, the lodges and estancias in this region of Argentina are all about getting out and being with the nature around you. This area is often compared with areas of Wyoming or Scotland.

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    The Tierra del Fuego

    At a glance…The Tierra del Fuego

  • Size: 48,000 sq km
  • Location: Southern Argentina
  • Recommended time: 2 to 4 nights
  • Time to visit: September to April
  • Go here for: Nature and skiing
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