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Family: Tierra del Fuego

The end of the earth is a fitting place for stories of fire and paddling through icy waters as the indians of old once did...

Tierra del Fuego - Andes
Tierra del Fuego - Andes

Similar to the region around the Peninsular Valdez, Ushuaia and the Tierra del Fuego are possibly more suited to the more adventurous and slightly older family. One of the best areas in the world to head to for skiing in the summer period, this is one activity that is understandably popular with families. On top of this, the entire area is Argentina's natural playground, with a whole host of activities and sights to occupy all tastes.

Many of the families that pass through Ushuaia do so on their way through to an Antarctic trip and so only stay for a couple of nights and move on. There is, however a whole range of activities that suit in this region of Argentina and so it is definitely worthwhile also looking at it as a venue for a few nights to really explore.

As mentioned above, we would probably recommend the region for a more active and slightly older families as many of the activities take a few hours minimum and involve a fair amount of physical activity….but for those that like this sort of thing the region is fantastic. The activities range from skiing to off-road adventures, to walking, to sea canoeing to heli-touring to name but a few.

Along with this, many of the hotels in the area are prepared for families offering family rooms and semi-catered apartments as well as pools and a whole host of other facilities. With the town only seconds away from pretty much everywhere, it is also a safe place to let everyone disperse to go and find what they are after.

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    Tierra del Fuego

    At a glance…The Tierra del Fuego

  • Size: 48,000 sq km
  • Location: Southern Argentina
  • Recommended time: 2 to 4 nights
  • Time to visit: September to April
  • Go here for: Nature and skiing
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