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An ancient art that stretches back for thousands of years

One of the more surprising sights on the Valles Calchacuies driving circuit is to be driving for hours through what is a barren, inhospitable dust pan, only to alight on a small village and see some of the best weaving that you have ever seen, hanging on trees and on washing lines outside adobe houses.

The tradition of weaving in the South American highlands has been passed down through generations of descendants with weavings having been discovered in caves to the north of Jujuy as early as BC7,000. On the whole the process was predominantly used as a form of artistic expression that allowed an expression of balance in their everyday lives. At one point, to own or bear a weaved article was a sign of status and the weavings were often used as a form of currency.

Today the tradition has continued, particularly in the area to the south of Cachi, and so it is a truly unique experience to wander through the many colours and designs, getting an understanding about this ancient art form.