Las Pampas

Michael and Mandy's Luxury Argentine Tour

Mike and Mandy took a 3 week epic trip through Argentina with us in November to see some of the main sights of the country in the best properties out there! From their feedback, they had a great trip! We are not all that surprised given that this is probably the best that Argentina has to offer!

Chris & Ayisha's Honeymoon

Ayisha and Chris wanted something special and different for their honeymoon; so they combined whale-watching on the Valdes Peninsula, the great outdoors of Los Glaciares and finished with a pampering in Las Pampas! It sounds like they had the perfect experience:

Nora's Argentina Adventure

Nora wanted our advise to help her travel around Argentina to take in the outdoor activities of the country. She travelled to various estancias in El Calafate and finished in Las Pampas, outside of Buenos Aires.

Estancia El Ombu

Estancia el Ombu is one of the oldest and most distinguished of the traditional estancias that still operate in the Pampas region outside Buenos Aires.

Estancia la Bamba de Areco

Estancia la Bamba de Areco is one of the oldest and still most famous Estancias that is left in the Pampas region outside of Buenos Aires. Where many of the traditional working ranches of this region have faded into the annals of history, La Bamba has successfully managed to re-invent itself into being one of the very top properties in the region if not in Argentina.

Estancia Puesto Viejo

Estancia Puesto Viejo is arguably one of the best polo estancias that you can get to within an hour of Buenos Aires. However, this is definitely not the only reason to come here.

Estancia La Bandada (Formerly Candelaria del Monte)

The homely and inviting “Estancia La Bandada” (they have recently changed their name from La Candelaria del Monte) is one of the new genre of Estancia that has started to come to the fore on the southern fringes of Buenos Aires.

Nature and Wildlife Holidays

For most, the nature and wildlife of Argentina are the real reason to come here. The sheer scale puts most in awe, and the diversity of topography and wildlife allows you to take in all sorts without ever having to leave the same country, quite often in the space of a few hours of driving. Due to the sheer vastness, however, it is worth choosing wisely as to what wildlife it is that interests you.

Horse Riding in Argentina

Argentina is a nation obsessed with its horses and it is no wonder that many of the best polo players come from here. Growing up with stories of the gauchos and their wandering ways, every Argentine has had horses and riding woven into their fabric from an early age. Combining this knowledge and experience with the outstanding natural and rugged beauty of Argentina, and you get a riders heaven.


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