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Please have a look at a little of the feedback we have received from clients over the years...

Here at Argentina we firmly believe in the feedback of our clients, be it good or bad, as it really is the key to us moving forwards and improving our service and the overall experience. With the price of hotels and flights only on the increase we feel it is important to know where we have gotten things right and where wrong. In the below, please see what our clients are saying about us and judge for yourself. (please note that ALL of the reviews we feature are 100% real and unedited. If you would like to speak to any of our past clients please let us know).

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Holly thanks for your email.

We had a fab trip and it went seamlessly. The hotels (bar one) were very good and the tours excellent. The top hotels were La Petit Peninsula and the Mine Hotel. The low point was El Refugio de Coquena….room was ok but the owner very strange and the breakfast very poor.

The tour guides were very helpful and the people in general went out of their way to help us. Our luggage went missing in Salta and the guy who did the transfer went out of his way to help us.

All in all we had a really great time and thanks for all your assistance.


Nicola and Pat

Nicola and Patrick

Our thanks to the South America Specialists for helping plan the holiday of a lifetime; from planning the incredible itinerary to arriving safely home, despite the unexpected obstacles along the way. Lost luggage, a diverted flight, an airport strike and an earthquake were no match for the team as they took care of everything and ensured we had a fantastic and relaxing time every step of the way.



Meghan and Campbell

Hi Nick,

Just wanted to let you know we had a great holiday! And great pictures/movies.

Some highlights:
- hotel location Buenos Aires of Park Hyatt very good, and swimming pool very nice.
- Estancia in Valdes Peninsula friendly people. They made a cake for Luc's birthday. Nature is breath taking. Highly recommended!
- in Territorio hotel, when we can back from Palacido champagne and cakes were at the room.
- in Los Sauces, El Calafate, we stayed in La Casona, so not the Corner Room. Very luxurious. Service also very good, e.g. we had fresh breakfast-to-go on every early day tour. Great tours.
- in Córdoba I forgot my camera in the taxi when paying. Tourist information office and tourist Police (English speaking) helped a lot, and despite the fact we did not have the number of the cab, I got my camera back!!! Otherwise I would have lost all movies made in Peninsula Valdes....
- Cavas in Mendoza offers private tours which, compared to other tours I looked at, were very cost friendly (10-100 dollars) next to the fact it's convenient. Service of the hotel is excellent!
- Iguaza, followed your recommendation and booked private tour offered by the hotel. The bar in the hotel has excellent food if you don't want to dine after heavy lunch in Mendoza.
- the Rio tour guide was very good: he arranged my ticket of Christ Redeemer for my photo book and lunch location was top! Very knowledgeable and relaxed.
All transfers were perfect, and the tour operator in El Calafate even printed our boarding passes. That's what I call service.

Some suggestions/minor remarks:
- unfortunate room was not ready in Buenos Aires, but we spend our time well visiting the Cemetery (early open) and went back after our lunch in the Japanse Garden. Both worth visiting.
- it's an early and bit long trip to Peninsula Valdes, especially when you miss the direction to the Estancia. But unavoidable, anyway I was quite happy that we arrived at full daylight. Other guests arriving late also missed the sign and arrived in dark.
- Palacido in Puerto Madryn, okay, but not too special, I would go for the other restaurant you recommended. They told us they ordered a taxi, but taxi did not arrive? So we walked back to the hotel. Hotel is nice, but a bit far for from city center.
- Iguazu, one additional night would have been attractive. Now we only had one day and due to the annual marathon that ends in the Park it was very crowded and we had traffic jams when we went to visit the Argentinian side of the falls.
And the food in all domestic flights is very poor ;-) But in every location we visited, there were many good restaurants!! Some like the closed door one I Latina in Buenos Aires I booked upfront, was very nice, but indeed Los Sauces and Belmond a la carte restaurant are the best.

Thanks again for all your help,


Inez and Lucas

Hi Nick,

I wanted to drop you a line to say what an amazing time Kate and I had. Rio was good fun but we absolutely fell in love with Argentina.

All of the arrangements you put in place worked well and the local agents were spot on with timingswhich gives great confidence.

The hotels were a good standard and we particularly loved the Nuss and Club Tapiz and most of all La Bamba. We were looked after very ,very well by all of the hotel staff but La Bamba made us feel like VIPS!

A big thank you from two happy customers.

Best wishes

Beverly and Katie

Hi Nick,
A week back from our 3 1/2 week trip to Brazil & Argentina. You asked for our comments. In summary, the trip was very successful with no significant problems. Just one question - see below.

All the airport pickups were faultless, and all the hotels were fine. All the seat-in-bus tours were good to excellent, and on time except for one, where there may have been a slight mis-communication. We were lucky with the weather.

The only other thing I feel you could have emphasised is that in Argentina it pays to have (a lot of) US dollars to pay in cash - don't use a card unless you have to - saves you 20%!

Just to be clear, we had a VERY good time, and found the Argentinians a most hospitable people.

That's about it,
John and Ann

John and Ann

Hi Nick,

Hope you are well.

Andrew and I have just returned from out trip to Argentina and Brazil.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for organising everything. We didn’t have any issues whatsoever during the trip.

The hotels were great and staff really nice too! We had an amazing time, however the 9 flights during the 2 weeks got the better of us. LOADS of turbulence to and from Argentina / Brazil!.

Will definitely get in touch when we are planning our next trip and will recommend you guys too. It has been a real pleasure!

Thanks again for a wonderful trip!

Thanks, Tania

Tania and Andrew

Hey Nick,

We had a great trip, your local agents on the ground were very good and transfers were there waiting for us with a sign so made life very easy. Domestic flights were also very good.

Hopefully this is useful. Regarding areas.

SALTA region – would love to go back. Found out there is so much to do in the region, we could barely touch the surface. Tough for us to do given we only had limited time, but very impressed and would recommend.

Mendoza – as an area didn’t really stack up vs say SA winelands (take Franschoek). Maybe we didn’t see enough (were limited with a baby + Finca Adalgisa was so nice didn’t travel around so much) but my impression is I’d happily cut out Mendoza and do more time in Cafayate. Had lunch at Club Tapiz which was very good. The service at dinner at Francis Mallmann 1884 was disappointing (first drink arrived after we’d finished our starter which must be some sort of sin in wine country)!

The Lakes – lived up to high expectations. Beautiful setting, lovely weather when we were there. Would happily spend more days on a boat on the lakes.

Buenos Aires – great city, also lived up to high expectations. If it wasn’t for the 14hr flight we’d be going back for a long weekend this year I’m sure. J

I hope this helps, Caroline feel free to add anything if you like.



Jonathan and Caroline

Hi Nick,

we are just back from our wonderful trip to Argentina. The journey was everything we hoped for and the service and hotels were great.

A trip full of highlights, BA ( buzz, food …),El Calafate( Perito Moreno), glacierclimbing in el Chalten, good wine in Mendoza and the Falls of course.

But also small mercies, drivers who where always on time, check in at the Nuss hotel with the room all ready at 7AM after a 14 hour flight etc …

I must admit that in the beginning it was a bit strange to arrange everything through the internet from Belgium, but it worked out fine so if anyone from Belgium wants to book with you, just give our names as a reference.

Thanks again and if we ever feel like going back, you can arrange it again

Crista and Sven

Crista and Sven

Dear Nick 

It was just perfect - no complaints at all. Loved the hotel at Calafate as well


Raja and family

We had an amazing time and really thought the combination of city, mountains, glacier and beach were an incredible way to enjoy our honeymoon. Such an incredible experience!

David and Becca